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The Environmental Capacity and Services (ECAS) is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 2010, it is an institution founded on a ground that effective design, execution and accomplishment of policy, legal and institutional frameworks is enhanced by requisite capacity, information and partnerships.Located in a country that is widely regarded as environmentally conscious, Kenya suffers serious solid waste management crisis, climate change induced disasters, water deficiency, air and land pollution, human wildlife conflicts and food insecurity among other environmental challenges.

By focusing on such work in Kenya, ECAS offers a knowledge platform that allows the public to gain direct understanding of the environmental issues in a real-world context. Through the expertise of ECAS and its partners, our society is exposed to relevant and grounded knowledge that can be shared and transmitted for the benefit of communities, governments, donors, NGOs, corporate, media and academia.


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Our Programmes

The Lines Between Social, Environmental, And Economic Performance Are Becoming More And More Blurred. The Term “sustainability” Has Brought These Concepts Together In A Way That They Are No Longer Viewed As Being Mutually Exclusive. Our Experience Tells Us That Identifying And Implementing Solutions To Address These Complex Issues Is What Most Companies Struggle With.

Sustainability & Eco-Efficiency

The lines between social, environmental, and economic performance are becoming more and more blurred. The term “sustainability” has brought these concepts ............. .

Development Research And Research-Into-Use

ECAS undertakes research assignments based on an ideology that information leads to knowledge. Our researchers are well versed in Knowledge Management ............

Leadership & Capacity Development

This is an interdisciplinary programme that builds personal and instructional capacities through, mentorship and couching. ...............

Policy And Strategic Planning

While ECAS delivers specific expertise within each of the program areas, it also pursues an integrated approach, based on specific client needs, .........

  • Sustainability & Eco-Efficiency
  • Development Research And Research-Into-Use
  • Leadership & Capacity Development
  • Policy And Strategic Planning


A course on Regional Climate Change Policy Landscape and impacts on future Sustainable Development prospects



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